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Before 1995

Cindy and Jessica grew up in the era right before the economy take-off in Taiwan. Not only worked as a public servant, their father also handmade knitted products for trade alongside their mother.


Like a magician, their father always had lots of ideas and was able to turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes to please them. While living in a port city in Taiwan, nicknamed as the “rainy port,” children loved to step on their father’s feet with bare feet for warmth during cold days and listened to their father’s childhood stories. Life was simple but yet with great joy and content. Jessica and Cindy, influenced greatly by their late father and filled their hearts with their family love, the two sisters have a dream to deliver better quality of life experience to people.

Back in 1995, Wellcare Co., Ltd. was established in March and the trademark of "Wellcare" was registered later in the next year. The company name, Wellcare, has two aspects, well care and we care.


The logo of Wellcare which was designed in dark blue as the expection to be a professional and reliable healthcare products provider with the goal to create the value and happiness in everyone's life.

In August, the very first order of $90 USD (sequencing rollable comfort body massage mat), was our first step of entering the European market.  The order amount is small but yet priceless.

Heating body massage mat, WE-566H, was Wellcare's first heating product.

Nature Sound Relaxer was produced based on the concept to relax naturally. It was first marketed in the United States and was well-received. In subsequent years, a whole series of products was introduced to include additional functions such as aroma, moodlight, Ionic and massaging.


While working, a little relaxation might bring more inspiration and motivation. Hence the Evecutive High Back Office Massaging Chair and Massager Seat Mat with heat were introduced as part of the product offering.

We applied traditional oriental health concept including pressure-point treatments to create Nature Care Head & Neck Massager and Massage Seat Mat.



"PAO TONG" bubble bath spa takes the market by storm with its innovative design and at the same year, the patent was awarded in the United States.


In the same year, an upgraded version of Body Massage Mat with Aroma function and Foldable Leisure Massage Chair were available in the market.

Introduced remote control function of the bubble bath spa series (also named hydro massage bath apparatus).

A compact-size bubble bath spa with an aroma clip creates an unique and exclusive spa experience.

The electric underblanket with constant temperature function was Wellcare's first flexible heating product. It was revolutionary and the best solution while most flexible heating products on the market were with unsteady temperatures.

Introduced new bubble bath spa with Ozone. It was the very first bubble spa model to enter Japan market.

We lead and assisted our supply chains to be RoHS compliant.

Based on the spirit of "We care", the logo of Wellcare had been re-designed which contained blue, purple and green. Blue originated from the previous design but had been changed to sky blue to stand for being healthy. Green showed the respect to the Mother Nature while purple represented the elegance of the brand.

Introduced the 100% waterproof spa massager, Rosemary Rainbow Water Jet with Massager and Moodlighting.


Nature Well-Being Light with Aroma & Radio product started to greet you everyday!

Body Massage Mat with Nature Sound is for more comfort and relaxation.

The new patented technology, APS, is employed in the flexible heating series. Modeling after the traffic light system with colors and sound, APS is protecting every user's safety.



The electromagnetic field of Wellcare's flexible heating products is much less than other models in the market.

The waterproof and air-driven bath light patented function is added tothe bubble spa. Millions of bubbles accompany with colorful lighting always make the bathing time more fun!

Our first cordless Mobile Heating Belt is available to provide everyone on-the-go warmth.

Originated from "warmth from heart", with this year being the 20th anniversary, holding the spirit of creating unbounded true-happiness energy, the new brand of Wellcare will continue to provide innovative solutions to human life and to co-exist with Mother Nature in harmony.

We proudly present the innovative technology - 4D DWF (Dynamic Warmth Flow)which provides the best solution to the stuffiness that electric underblanket and heating pad usually cause. Wellcare is leading the flexible heating industry into a new era.

Extending the concept of 4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow which mimics our breathing system to create full body warmth circulation, Wellcare attended Maison&Objet Paris in January with the theme of the booth : Warmth | Breath | Nature.

M&O Paris is the leading home decor fair connecting the international interior design and lifestyle community, and we have successfully merged the innovation, the spirit of the brand “Care Around You”, and the art of living in this trade fair.

Wellcare's lifestyle guide (English version) is officially launched.  It provides useful information and shares personal health experience in daily lives.  We sincerely invite everyone to join us and embrace the philosophy of living with the Nature in harmony.

The Dutch version will be introduced to the public later this year.

The French and Greek version of Wellcare's lifestyle guide has been added to reach more people.



Wellcare has devoted itself to deliver a great life experience by helping people to create the best bed climate.

From integrating sleep knowledge, user experience, product development, and experiments, Wellcare officially names the system, which helps create the best bed climate for sleep, BBC (Best Bed Climate) Design.

Originated from the core concept of 4D DWF technology, BREATH, WARMTH, and NATURE, BBC Design creates a breathable, comfortable and non-stuffy environment to improve sleep quality.

There are 3 new BBC Design products which are the 2-in-1 Electric Blanket, the Electric Foot Warmer, and the Electric Underblanket with extended length (90 X 200cm).

Drawing the idea from breathing, Wellcare's new cell-shaped heating pad, WE-167CPHD, mimics the shape of the cell to demonstrate the concept of the building block of life. It symbolizes that everyone needs to slow down, take deep breaths, and feel the peace and tranquility for natural self-healing.

Launched in 1997, Wellcare Naturcare Relaxation (Sound Ball), WE-686, has been used by 1,000,000+ users.

Patchwork is a craft technique to sew together pieces of fabric to create a more complicated pattern.  It is time consuming, and it does not limit to one style.  Over years, many people keep this handicraft in their collection for the appreciation of the technique and many hidden stories behind the work.

Wellcare patchwork design, it symbolizes a connection between the past and present, tradition and modern, heritage and innovation.  

Two iconic features of patchwork are different pieces of fabric and geometric design, it represents every stage of your life.  Time, like needle and thread, is stitching the scraps together and make your life journey everlasting.  

Experience the perfect blend of classic and contemporary with our patchwork collection : WE-167OBHD, WE-167SPHD and WE-167NSHD for a calming and unparalleled relaxation experience.